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USAToday on the Electrifying Crown Seekers: “…the essence of Jazz Fest”

Posted in Uncategorized on June 10, 2011 by byandbythemovie

USAToday had this to say about the Crown Seekers and their performance at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival a few weeks ago:

“The Electrifying Crown Seekers began searching for their eternal reward in 1965 and have been living up to their wholly appropriate name all the while. Guitarist James Williams, Sr., is the sole remaining original member, and he anchors the group, which is known both for its scintillating falsetto vocals (from Gregory Sanders) and James Brown-style choreography (led by co-vocalist Lloyd Fradieu). Their high-energy treatments of gospel standards such as Walk Around Heaven All Day and Old Revival brought down the gospel tent and spurred the audience to its feet. It happens every year here: The group is the essence of Jazz Fest’s rootsy spirit and more explosive than any rock headliner.”

Not bad. Not bad at all …